Hi! 👋

I’m Christina. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

As you can see in the header, I like to describe myself as “Jack of all trades, mastering some.” In essence, I wear a lot of hats, with some hats used way more than others. These few hats are:

  • Translator and Proofreader (plus Subtitler, sometimes)
  • Interpreter
  • Creative Writer

Let’s delve into each one, shall we?

Translator and Proofreader

I’ve been working as a freelance English-Indonesian translator and proofreader since 2017. You can see my translation portfolio here. Please keep in mind that there are only a few I can share.

I can also make subtitles in addition to transcribing or translating. I usually use Aegisub to create subtitles.


I trained to become an English interpreter at my church for a while. I still need to work on my stage fright, though I work well in a more personal setting, such as meetings.

Creative Writer

Writing fiction has been my hobby since I was a child. To hone my creative writing skills more, I took Wesleyan University’s Creative Writing specialization on Coursera in 2017 and 2018.

By the way, I have a writing blog!

“That’s a lot of hats!”

Yes, indeed. Now you can see why I describe myself as I do.

“I wonder what else you can do.”

In addition to the three skills mentioned above, I also code for fun (and for money, sometimes). I built this website’s theme based on the WordPress Bootstrap Starter theme.

I can also draw manga-style. I’m bad at backgrounds, though.

Oh, and I can play classical guitar, too. I passed the Guitar ABRSM Grade 3 Exam in December 2019.

“Great, but can I see your resume?”

Sure! Here you go!

“Last question: if your name is Christina, why ‘Kurisu’?”

“Kurisu” is how you’d write “Chris” in Japanese Katakana, like this: クリス

Fun fact: The Japanese use katakana to write foreign words, but based on how they sound instead of how they’re spelled. For example, my first name “Christina” becomes “Kurisutina/Kurisuchina” (クリスチナ), and “guitar” becomes “gitaa” (ギター).


All right! If you have more questions for me, please use the contact form on the Contact page.

I hope you enjoy looking around!